Theology & Philosophy Videos

After you Believe: Why Christian Character Matters (N. T. Wright)
Paul and the Faithfulness of God
(N. T. Wright & Michael F. Bird)
A Survey of the Old Testament Video Lectures
(Andrew E. Hill & John H. Walton)
Two Historians Prove the Resurrection
(Gary Habermas & Michael R. Licona)
On Time, God's Middle Knowledge & 
Human Free Will 
(William Lane Craig)
Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Consciousness? (Michio Kaku)
Consequences for Early Christian Converts 
(Larry W. Hurtado)
Four Portraits, One Jesus Video Lectures
(Mark L. Strauss)
Early Church Video Bible Study
(Ray Vander Laan)
Testimony of Peter
(Ray Vander Laan)
Rabbi Jesus in the Jewish Festivals
(Jeff Cheadle)
Jesus in the Shema?
(Founded in Truth)
Faith in Jesus From a Jewish Perspective
(K. A. Schneider)
 Paul & the Faithfulness of God
(N. T. Wright)
The New Testament in Its World
(N. T. Wright & Michael F. Bird)
A Survey of the New Testament Video Lectures
(Robert H. Gundry)
Did the Resurrection Really Happen?
(William Lane Craig)
Doctrine of God, Pt. 15: God's Middle Knowledge (William Lane Craig)
From Atheist Scientist to Christian Theologian 
(Alister E. McGrath)
Early Christian Distinctiveness in the
Roman World 
(Larry W. Hurtado)
Who Did They Say He Was? Jesus in
Text & Context 
(Amy-Jill Levine)
In the Dust of the Rabbi Video Bible Study
(Ray Vander Laan)
Historical Setting of the Book of Revelation
(Bruce Gore)
Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus
(Jonathan Bernis & Lois Tverberg)
JC Podcast: Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus
(Judaic–Christian Studies & Lois Tverberg)
Loving God With All Your Mind
(J. P. Moreland)