Theology & Philosophy Videos

The New Testament in Its World: How History Can Revitalize Faith (N. T. Wright)
After You Believe: Why Christian
Character Matters (N. T. Wright)
Evidence for the Resurrection
(William Lane Craig)
Middle Knowledge
(William Lane Craig)
Consequences for Early Christian Converts
(Larry Hurtado)
Why Study Theology?
(Alister McGrath)
Resurrection of Jesus, Reliability of the New Testament & Virtue Ethics (N. T. Wright)
Christus Victor vs Penal Substitution Atonement (N. T. Wright)
The Problem of Evil 
(William Lane Craig)
Two Historians Prove the Resurrection 
(Gary Habermas & Mike Licona)
The Dead Sea Scrolls & Christian Origins
(Luke Heintschel)
Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus 
(Jonathan Bernis & Lois Tverberg)